Anonymous asked: Why hasn't there been a banana gate sequel?



If this gets 2,500 notes, I will make a sequel with whatever object gets most requested. 

*lowered it to 2,500, since that’s more attainable. I don’t want people to feel like this is outside the realm of possibility. Also, the object requested much be possible to obtain and non-lethal to insert. Let’s see how bad the internet wants this. :P 

all six seasons of Lost on bluray and also a knife

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let’s see you try to unfollow me without any arms

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lettiekinz asked: You're the best Daddy. Sex is nothing short of amazing, and it's so cute how Little you get when you're tired. I love you. <3






'Babe, can you not? We just fucked and you're singing about jabba the hut.' xD
I love you, baby. (:

They call you Jabba the Hut, for a reeeason. :3 I love you so much. <3

You need help. (;

Excuse me, teacher? I need some help, can you help me? I’ll do anything to get an A. (;

Oh, I know you would. What I just witnessed you doing for a praise.. Imagine what you’d do for an A. :3 A* for performance though.

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[doesnt shave legs] winter is coming

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Life is temporary, so don’t expect people not to be. 

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no joke someone at warped tour recognized me from my video of me ranting on tumblr because 14inches reblogged it 


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i think i dropped myself as a baby

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secrets to not getting catfished on the internet

sigh I wish I had found this earlier

better be safe than sorry

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Anonymous asked: Yellow.

Yellow: seven facts about my childhood.
-I lived in Central Florida until the age of 8
-I was bossy as heck
-I was at my best friends birth
-my nana died when I was seven
-apparently I got bit a lot at day care??
-Disney was like a twice a year event for my family
-I was obsessed with the color pink

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Anonymous asked: Fantasy story hour. Gather around children. So there is this guy I know. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him. All I want is for him to come to me out of the blue. Just traipse into my world, and kiss me so passionately that I know life will be easier. That my troubles start disappearing. That I finally feel whole.

That is so cute omg

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